Capital Classic 100 2017

Capital Classic 2017 start
Capital Classic 2017 start Photo courtesy of Jonathan Burton

The 2017 Capital Classic 6 Day race took place on a one kilometer loop in the Pietermaritzburg Oval Cricket Grounds from September 22-28. The program included 15 events over the period ranging from a marathon to a 6 day race.
Nine runners took part in the 6 day race which was won by Frik du Preez with 501 km. The womens race was won by Amanda Economon with 445 km.

Pos. Name Surname Sex Type Total km
1 Frik Du Preez Male Runner 501
2 Amanda Economon Female Runner 445
3 Martie Boesenberg Female Runner 416
4 Johannes Nel Male Walker 320
5 Carol Nepgen Female Walker 316
6 Adelle Govender Female Runner 305
7 Belinda Hope Female Runner 303
8 Michelle Fookwe Female Runner 300
9 Jean Nepgen Male Walker 207
* Ric Marini Male Runner 300

Event Links
Full race results:
Jonathan Burton Photographer: 100 Capital Classic 2017


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