Running Festival Easter Runs 2018

Running Festival Easter Runs 2018 presents  another great opportunity to take part in the longer ultras and shortest multiday. Eric Wright is hosting 48/24/12/6 hour races starting on March 30th.

The event takes place at Wychwood Primary School, corner of Home & Senator Roads – Wychwood Germiston on a 400m curcuit.

  • Camping space alongside the track – bring your own tent.
  • Limited accommodation for hire from organisers – Book & pay very early!
  • Power points available for lighting but not deepfreezes, microwaves or urns.
  • Athletes may set up their seconding area from day before the event.
  • Toilets and hot showers.
  • Athletes are advised to bring their own favourite provisions.
  • Water point will be provided.

Entry Form
Facebook: Running Festival Circuit Runs
Wright Race Timing


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